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Review of Courses for Approval/Appeals Process - The American Dental Board of Anesthesiology

Mechanism for Board Review of Continuing Education Credit:

1. Diplomates must maintain records of continuing education courses that includes the title of the course, the sponsor, documentation of the number of continuing education credit hours, and proof of attendance. If the course is not one already recognized as acceptable without review as described in Section “A” above, the Diplomate should keep or provide a brief description of the course.

2. Diplomates must submit this list on a Board-approved application form for recertification. Forms for recertification will be available on the ADBA website.

3. Proof of attendance forms for all courses listed on a recertification application are required. Failure to provide proof of attendance will result in denial of recertification.

4. In the event a Diplomate disagrees with a decision by the Board to deny approval for a particular continuing education course, he/she may appeal the decision in writing within thirty (30) days of the date the notification letter was sent. All appeals submitted within this time frame will be considered by the Board no later than the next Board of Directors meeting.


There is no fee for recertification. This service is included in the annual registration fee