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Recertification - The American Dental Board of Anesthesiology


The body of knowledge and experience gained during your dental anesthesiology residency program and clinical practice, in conjunction with successful completion of the ADBA written and oral examinations, distinguishes you as Board Certified dentist anesthesiologist. Since that body of knowledge continues to evolve over time, continuing education is needed to maintain and expand on that knowledge base in order to optimize our skills and provide the highest level of clinical care. The continuing education required for Diplomate recertification should be a direct extension of knowledge gained during anesthesiology residency training. This would include courses on anesthesiology, pain management, general and emergency medicine. Diplomates are recognized for attending continuing education courses and activities that reflect the philosophy described above.

ADBA Recertification Requirements:

1. One hundred twenty (120) ADBA credits of continuing education over any six (6) year recertification cycle are required. Approved courses are granted 1:1 credit, i.e., one (1) ADBA credit for one (1) course credit hour.

2. At least 60% of credits must be in courses directly related to anesthesiology at the anesthesia specialist level. A maximum of 40% may be courses that are broadly related to anesthesia practice, such as general pharmacology, general medicine and moderate sedation. In order to provide clarity, some examples follow. A course on the pharmacology of antidepressants would be considered in the general pharmacology category while a course on the pharmacology of neuromuscular blockers would be considered in the anesthesiology category. Additionally, a course on antidepressants presented at an anesthesia specialist level meeting would also be considered in the anesthesiology category since anesthetic implications would also be stressed. It is understood that there will be overlap in some subject areas.

3. One hundred and twenty (120) ADBA credits will be required. Forty eight (48) credit hours will be allowed for media based CE.
Twenty Four (24) credit hours will be allowed for presenting lectures on anesthesia-related subjects.  For detailed explanation on approved CE and specific requirements, please see Approved Courses below.

4. Completion of American Heart Association or American Red Cross sponsored Basic Life Support – Health Care Provider Level and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Copies of current completion cards are acceptable forms of documentation. These do not count towards the required 120 hours of CE.

5. Notification if there are any current restrictions to the Diplomate’s dental license or general anesthesia permit.

6. Submission of the Application for Recertification in a timely fashion. There is no fee for recertification. This service is included in the annual registration fee.

Approved Courses

Review of Courses for Approval/Appeals Process

Failure to Meet Recertification Requirements

Reinstating Diplomate Status After Period of Clinical Inactivity or Suspension/Revocation of Certification